Resources for learning Sketch


I have been trying to learn Sketch tool. I know all the basic concepts and can create landing pages with ease. Most of the tutorials I have found on the web are Introduction to Sketch tutorials. I understand that to get proficient in Sketch I need to practice more. I think it would be better to have some resources in the initial stage. Please recommend me some resources (Books or Videos) that you have found very useful in your earlier stages. It would be better to have resources that are focussing more on Web Design.


Hi @bchilakala,

Unfortunately, it is a mobile world and I understand that there is a dearth of good ‘web design’ resources. But mobile or web is not to be tackled as different things but rather the two faces on the same coin.

Here are a few things that you can do:

  1. If you have not already watched these, then Pablo Stanley’s crashcourses are a great way to understand how design tools work. The later videos have some advanced techniques.

  2. Take a screenshot of any popular web product that you frequently use and try to replicate it in sketch. This exercise will teach you how the designers have kept a relationship between different elements in the layout. For example, when I used this, at my first job, I realized that you do not need lot of font types, sizes and weights to create information hierarchy. You could just make do with 2-3 such combinations.

  3. Install sketchpacks and have a look at the plugin ecosystem. This is sketch’s secret weapon. I love Anima’s Stacks and Paddy.

If you could tell me specifically what you mean by proficient in sketch, I could help you better.

Happy practicing :slight_smile:

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Thanks for replying @Kenneth. The Youtube playlist seems good. @rasagy mentioned one book in our first meeting. I forgot the name of the book.


@bchilakala Wasn’t sure earlier what book you were referring to, but I assume it was Design for Hackers, which is a great primer on design. Was this the one, or can you share more context about the book?


We were talking about micro-interactions and Sketch and you had told me that I can refer to some book regarding that. This was during our first meeting.


@bchilakala Ah, then it must be Microinteractions by Dan Saffer :slight_smile: